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Filling is when composite resin (tooth colored) filling is placed to restore a decayed, chipped or cracked tooth. Also, depending on the case, bonding can be used to fix gaps (diastema) between teeth. Bonding can be used to cover exposed root surface caused by receding gums and help with sensitivity. Bonding is among the easiest and least expensive of cosmetic dental procedures and can be done in a single visit.

New Tooth-Colored Options

Dental research has resulted in the development of tooth colored materials that are not only durable and long lasting, but attractive as well. Composite resins provide an attractive, natural look while at the same time restoring strength and durability to your tooth.

Composite resin fillings can be placed directly into the tooth in a single appointment. They work well to restore a tooth when only a small amount of tooth structure has been lost. When a tooth has suffered more extensive damage, there may not be enough structure remaining to hold a filling in place without risk of breaking the tooth. In these situations a crown is a much better treatment option.

Start with the small stuff to avoid the big stuff

If you are thinking of delaying treatment, you should know that tooth decay will never go away on its own. It grows slowly while it’s still in the hard enamel, but if decay is allowed to reach the softer inner dentin, it grows much more quickly, allowing bacteria to infect the pulp chamber of the tooth. If this happens, you may experience a toothache. A tooth with an infected pulp chamber can only be saved with root canal therapy. That’s why we recommend treating the tooth as soon as possible